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Gervais Development is a private real estate development company specializing in luxury residential homes and innovative commercial structures.


Our portfolio is diverse, composed of luxury single-family homes, industrial warehouses, and mixed-use rental properties. We are proud to be the landlord of passionate small business owners and entrepreneurs. We understand the responsibility as a landlord and focus on putting our tenants first.


By doing this, we can create better places to work so our tenants can successfully run their businesses. Our tenants include mechanics, production companies, gyms, drive thru restaurants and many other businesses that make a difference in the community.

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Gervais Development aims to acquire well located real estate properties across the country. Our focus is to develop undermanaged properties by rehabilitating or ground up construction to generate near term income and long term value.


Gervais Development understands the true craftsmanship that it requires from conception to completion. This is why our in-house development team seeks out the finest architects and contractors when developing one of our properties.

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